Coffee Ordering App



Goals & My Role Create the concept for a coffee ordering mobile App running on iOS for on-the-go professional, who is often pushing time constraints but still wants to quickly order a coffee to jumpstart their day. I created the concept, the wireframes and the workflows and conducted fields observations. I collaborated with Giovanni Morelli on the visual design. 
Challenge Understanding the users needs and behaviours and design the end to end flow to order a coffee with a few steps.
Outcome App designed with as many clicks as possible.


Field Observations

I spent an afternoon at Victrola Cafe Roasters and Starbucks to observe on the go professionals ordering coffee. The goal was to capture users needs and attitudes to guide my design decisions. For each need and attitude there is a correspondent design characteristic. 

Needs and Attitudes

1. They want their coffee to be hot

2. They want fast service, they don’t like waiting in line

3. They need to navigate to the Cafe quickly

4. Some purchase only from local coffee roasters and organic   fair trade; some purchase only at Starbucks

5. They usually drink their favorite coffee everyday

App characteristics

1. Warm look and feel

2. Ordering needs to be streamlined

3. Highlight the closest location. UI redirection to Bing Maps

4. The App is for both type of users because includes different types of Cafees

5. Fast access to my favorites list