Microsoft Intune EDU Express Configuration Experience

Goals. Intune EDU is a Cloud based software built on the Azure platform. It targets IT Admins and Teachers who use it to improve student learning outcomes through connected classrooms. The software also keeps school data protected by applying policies and profiles to the devices. The product allows users to manage Windows 10 classroom devices that students use to access data. My goal was to create the express configuration experience that helps Teachers and IT Admins to quickly deploy one or more apps to groups of users and groups of devices.

My Role. I was responsible for the ideation and for designing the user flows and the visual interface of the Express Configuration Setup and presented my work to the Leadership team to get buy-in. Icons and illustrations were executed by a dedicated team. During the whole process I partnered closely with a user experience researcher to user test various design iterations. I collaborated with various Program Managers to make sure the design considered the business goals and the user needs. I worked closely with the Engineering team to make sure the final product reflected exactly the design.

Design Process


Users and Challenges. Our users are full-time teachers and part-time IT Admins. It is very rare that a high school has a dedicated IT Admin assigned to deploy apps to classroom devices. Some teachers are more technical then others and sometimes they have a mentor that helps them with apps deployment and device management. They need a fast and easy way to deploy apps to groups of users and devices. My in context research helped me to gather some key insights:

- Teachers are not always technical.
- They are busy teaching and get to devices at the end of  the day.
- They all understand the value of these apps.
- They don't have time to wrestle with technical things.
- They don't want to learn new technologies.

Information Architecture

New Mockup 2

Low Fidelity Usability Test. We validated our initial design by conducting informal usability testing with a low-fidelity prototype. Our 8 participants provided feedback on accessibility, visual design, discoverability and simplicity of the express configuration setup. Once the design was validated I defined the ux flow step by step.

Express Configuration UX Flow

A step by step guided process to deploy apps to different groups of users and devices. When I designed this flow the final icons and illustrations were being defined by a dedicated team of designers.




Telemetry data demonstrated a great increase of the CTR from 2017 to 2018. With the new Design the Click-Through rate went up 20% based on how many groups are created.