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Microsoft Intune Company Portal Android & iOS Mobile Apps

My Role. I have been leading the cross-platform UX/UI efforts from concepts to pixel-perfect interfaces. I design the cross-platform experience on iOS, Android and Windows 10 and present my work to the Leadership team to get buy-in. In this role I oversee the work of a junior designer and an intern.
I partner with a researcher, four project managers and one designer. My last project was to refresh the design of the Company Portals apps on iOS and Android.

Goals. Drive UX and UI Design for the Microsoft Intune Company Portal across platforms. Microsoft Intune provides mobile device management, mobile application management, and PC management capabilities from the cloud. Using Intune, organizations can provide their employees with access to corporate applications and resources from anywhere on almost any device, while helping to keep corporate information secure.

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Challenges. Our users use Intune on 2+ devices and the main design challenge is to keep the experience for the end to end scenarios consistent across different platforms (Android, iOS, Windows 10 desktop and the web app). An organization can brand the company portal with their own logo and color choices without limitation and that potentially creates accessibility issues.​

Outcome. I designed end to end scenarios and pixel perfect interfaces on iOS and Android by adhering to each platform's native patterns. Increased adoption and costumer satisfaction on the Apps year over year. We succesfully released the new iOS version to millions of users around the world in March 2018. The new Android App will go live in September 2018. 

Process. From co creation to early-and-often user testing, I let primary user research direct my design process. From research insights, I establish high level design goals in partnership with the PM team to incorporate business goals and context considerations, which I refer back to as I iterate through prototypes and validate my direction.

Brand customization. To convey a trustworthy app, enterprises typically customize Intune with their brand colors and logo to indicate that the app is sanctioned by the company. To meet these needs, I setup brand colors in the header and selected tab on the bottom navigation, as well as added the ability to add a brand image in the drawer.

User Research Insights from Interviews with 10 Information Workers

They are frequently on the go, yet need to be accessible 24/7.
Their laptop and mobile phone allow them to be productive remotely. 
Access company documents (training docs, videos, company forms, etc.) shared with them from any device.
Information Workers fear losing their mobile devices or having them stolen.


Users. Our users are Office Information Workers. They want to access line-of-business application from any device, including personal mobile devices. It is important to them that their personal information remains private, safe, and separate from corporate data, even on personal devices.

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